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Capturing the Spirit of Duluth, Georgia.

 By: Tiffany Chung,  Reporter of Georgia Weekly Post.



Duluth was originally Cherokee Indian territory.


Tiffany Chung,

    Reporter of Georgia Weekly Post.

  When Duluth was established in the early 19th century, it was primarily forest land occupied by tribespeople.

An Indian trail called Old Peachtree Road by the settlers, was extended through the area during the War of 1812 to connect Fort Peachtree in present-day Atlanta with Fort Daniel near present-day Dacula. When Gwinnett County was established in 1818, white settlement of the area accelerated.


Cotton merchant Evan Howell constructed a road connecting his cotton gin at the Chattahoochee River with Old Peachtree Road, creating Howell's Cross Roads.

The settlement later became known as "Howell's Crossing". Howell was the grandfather of Atlanta Mayor Evan P. Howell and great-grandfather of Atlanta Constitution publisher Clark Howell. His descendants continue to live in the area, but only Howell Ferry Road in Duluth bears the name.


Duluth is a city in Gwinnett County, Georgia and developed suburb of Atlanta. As of the 2016 , the city had a population of 27,384, according to city's data.

Duluth is close to Interstate 85. It is home to Gwinnett Place Mall, Gwinnett Civic and Cultural Center, Infinite Energy Arena, Hudgens Center for the Arts and Red Clay Theater.


It is also home to Gwinnett Medical Center, an 81-bed hospital constructed in 2006, as well as GMC's Glancy


Atlanta Mayor Evan P. Howell

  Campus, a 30-bed facility located near downtown. Nearby attractions include Stone Mountain and Lake Lanier. The agricultural manufacturer AGCO is based in Duluth.

Forbes ranked Duluth 26th in "America's Best Places to Move" in 2009,[ while Business Week named it the "Best Affordable Suburb in Georgia" in 2010.


Duluth is a culturally diverse and lively community. With a population of over 27,000.  

Downtown Duluth is filled with life. The population close to 40% white, over 25% Asian, close to 19% black, and over 12% Hispanic, create a culturally rich area. Ranked as one of the fifth best cities to live in Georgia and fourth in entrepreneurial activity, families, friends, and businesses, travel here to continue to thrive.


The cost of living in Duluth is 5% lower than the national average and with easy access to Atlanta, Duluth is an affordable, safe, and convenient place to live.  The city offers many festivities such as The Fall Festival, Art week, concerts, and many more entertainment alternatives. Cafes and shopping venues line the streets, making it a cozy town to wander around. These activities bring the residents of Duluth together, as it continues to flourish into a lucrative city. 


A woman heads the elected  government of Duluth.  The Mayor of the city of  Duluth, known for beter systems of education, Nancy Harris, is a lifelong resident of Duluth.  She was first elected in November 2007.


In Duluth.. The Fall Festival, Art week, concerts,



Before taking her position in politics,  Mayor Harris was the former principal of B. B. Harris, Suwanee Elementary, and Norton Elementary. She is a non - partisan, who does not run as a member of a particular political party. Her Assistant, Kim Jackson, assists Nancy Harris and presides over the city council. 


A woman heads the elected government of Duluth. The Mayor of the city of Duluth, known for beter systems of education, Nancy Harris, is a lifelong resident of Duluth. She was first elected in November 2007.


The members of the Duluth  City Council include Marsha Bomar, Billy Jones, Kelly Kelkenberg, Jim Dugan, and Greg Whitlock.

They are elected to serve the needs of the Duluth community and have been involved in improving the quality of life. The budget total of 2017 is $25,874,216. The revenues broken down would be $17,544,119 in general funds, $206,397 in special revenue funds, $830,836 in enterprise funds, $325,040 in internal service funds, $3,196,700 in trust and agency funds, and $3,771,124 in the prior year reserve.

The expenditures broken down would be $21,238,180 in general funds, $363,970 in special revenue funds, $725,998 in enterprise funds, $349,368 in internal service funds, and $3,196,700 in trust and agency funds. 




The city made national headlines twice in 2005. In March, Fulton County Courthouse shooting suspect Brian Nichols was captured in a Duluth apartment after holding a woman hostage. In April, local resident Jennifer Wilbanks was reported missing a few days before her planned wedding to John Mason. She was found a few days later in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she admitted to having lied about being kidnapped.




Duluth being listed in the top 10 most beautiful towns in Georgia will continue to prosper as the community comes together as a collective whole to make amends for a comfortable quality of life. This is the spirit of Duluth. 


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