• Impeachment is dead and Democrats should thank Pelosi for saving them from themselves
  • Civility is dead — except in real life
  • A Single Girl in the South .. a true experience according to Tina Miller, one of the most fashionables on the social scene  in Buckhead Georgia.
  • How Obama-era social engineering transformed the military
  • Mueller hearing reminds Americans that Democrats can't govern
  • Confused performance by Mueller raises questions about handling of investigation!
  • Democrats are making Trump the luckiest guy in America!
  • The not-inevitable candidate and his not-feasible pet project
  • Democrats.. Trump dilemma: Impeach, imprison - or bluff?!
  • Trump never stopped Robert Mueller's 2-year investigation, but Democrats are still complaining
  • 2020 Democrats play to lose
  • Dem attacks on Barr come down to three-week gap

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