posted : May 10, 2014


If found guilty, Ethics Board has the power to remove an elected Commissioner over allegations of using her Ccunty issued credit cards and charging thousands of dollars.

              By: Vinson Meyer

                     and the investigative Reporters of Georgia Weekly Post


Former DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis is in the news again. He is among four top county officials and staff members to be investigated.

Ellis, County Commissioner Elaine Boyer, former Purchasing Director Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall, Burrell Ellis' former secretary, are under investigation by DeKalb County’s ethics board.
The board is considering complaints by citizens group. All went before the board, May 8. The political future of Boyer and her Chief of Staff Bob Ludsten are hanging on the outcome.

If found guilty, DeKalb County Ethics Board has the authority to fire four of them including a sitting elected commissioner.
The investigation stems from a three-year-old complaint filed by "Restore DeKalb," a citizens group represented by Thomas Owens and Joseph Newton.
Both have filed complaints against Commissioner Boyer and Lundsten. Ellis, Mr. Walton and Ms. Hall are under suspension.
Lundsten's alleged involvements, if any, do not seem clear.
The Ethics Board, during its May 8 meeting, directed its attorney to investigate those allegations against Ellis, Boyer, Hall and Walton. Lundsten's name was not included. Commissioner Boyer is facing allegations of misusing DeKalb County-issued credit cards to pay for airline tickets, restaurant tabs and other non-county-related personal expenses totaling in the thousands of dollars.

Ellis is facing over a dozen charges related to alleged theft and bribery. While paid by the county, Hall and Walton are under suspension in connection with the Ellis investigation


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