posted : Oct 11, 2017

controversy over the Girl and Boy Scouts


By: Dana Sabot Robinson,  for Georgia Weekly Post


  This whole controversy over the Girl and Boy Scouts really has me scratching my head in disbelief. Is there something wrong with allowing boys and girls to have their own gender identity? God created two sexes and made them each unique in their own ways.


A child should be raised and nurtured to love and appreciate themselves and also the things that make them different and unique from everyone else. Why do individuals feel the need to try and change or destroy institutions in which have been in place for so many years? Cannot we incorporate “boys activities” into “girls activities” and vice versa?


I myself growing up was always taught how to do things for myself and to learn as much as I could. I was a Girl Scout and enjoyed it immensely. I was taught by my father and other males in my life how to do things which made me into what some call a “tomboy” at times and wouldn’t change any of it. As a parent I always wanted my children to grow up to be well-rounded individuals who could do for themselves and never did I try to change them or to make them forget their gender.


There is nothing wrong with Boy Scouts teaching boys how to cook, sew, wash clothes and Girl Scouts teaching girls survival skills, fishing, hunting, mechanical repairs etc. In our society today, we have kids graduating high school and thrown into the world who do not have basic life skills. They can’t open a bank account, balance a checkbook, cook, wash clothes or even address an envelope!



I feel as this is the bigger problem we are facing as a nation. We are not giving children the tools and knowledge that they need to succeed in life. Where does this gender nonsense issue go we have co-ed high school baseball, softball, basketball, and soccer teams? I am all for equality among sexes but we cannot go to the extremes where girls and boys cannot grow as normal children and learn and experience moments with individuals of their own gender.


It’s like people are trying to phase out genders all together and it is not healthy nor is it productive. In this crazy society we live in people are criticized and ridiculed for showing any individuality and for not following the masses. Hollywood, musicians and athletes try to force their beliefs onto society and make it appear as though anyone who disagrees with them is wrong or racist in some form or another.



Every single person has their own thoughts, ideas and beliefs and those do not have to coincide with what is “politically correct” or the “in thing” Our differences are what make us unique and exciting. Individuals need to stand up for what is right and send a message to the Boy Scouts that this motion will not be tolerated nor accepted. There needs to be a new organization formed that includes both boys and girls and teaches American patriotism and how the government from federal, state and local work and what their duties and responsibilities are as an American! Teach the Constitution and our history. This is definitely something that our youth need to learn as it’s not taught in schools! 



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