posted : Sep 13, 2019

Impeachment is dead and Democrats should thank Pelosi for saving them from themselves


Liberals desperately need to see impeachment happen, if for nothing more than to soothe their own hurt feelings. So it's hard not to feel bad for them now, as they realize that it’s just not going to happen. 



Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson finds himself in this pitiable state. After reading his latest offering, I’m thinking of sending him a care package. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi walked out of her regular press briefing on Thursday morning, in a huff  and puff after a reporter asked whether Democrats were in the early stages of pursuing the impeachment process. Just a few hours later, Robinson warned — warned! — the party that her hostility toward impeachment was likely a mistake. 

Channeling the ghost of Thomas Jefferson himself, Robinson explained that the Founding Fathers would see it as no contest. 

“I believe the framers would also consider impeachable the way Trump lies constantly to the American people,” he wrote. “I don’t need to give examples; just look at his Twitter feed or listen to the comments he makes on the White House lawn.” 

What is Pelosi waiting for? The case for impeachment is right there on Twitter! 

The national media feel good about marking every one of Trump’s weird opinions as a “lie” but that little project doesn’t give most normal people the vapors. If it did, Pelosi would be giving impeachment an enthusiastic thumbs-up by now. Alas, that will never happen, because she’s not stupid. She knows that the appetite for an impeachment is nonexistent, and that if attempted impeachment would go absolutely nowhere anyway.

Robinson ended with another warning — a warning! — that by declining to pursue impeachment, “future generations will judge all who decided, for whatever reason, to put politics above duty.” 

Yes, they will, and there’s a good chance they’ll wonder why people like Robinson obsessed about an impeachment that would have hit a dead end. The Republican-controlled Senate isn’t going to remove Trump from office. Not that they would have any reason to, anyway. He committed no demonstrable crime. Without that, the only thing Democrats have left is— they simply don’t like him. 

Sorry, Eugene, but impeachment isn’t the process for getting rid of a president you disagree with. Trying winning the next election instead.


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