posted : Oct 31, 2018

Georgia Weekly Post Endorses ALL Republican candidates for office.


By Tony Delmichi


Georgia Weekly Post Endorses ALL Republican candidates for office.

Georgia’s Midterm local, state Elections 2018. 


These are my opinions. I described myself as educated and infirmed voter. I am able to see the emotional political meltdown since the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. It sounded like a bad divorce. 


Knowing Trump for years as a fellow New Yorker, I give him a pass. He might not know how to say it as a professional politician, but he gets things done in accordance to a check list. Something rare in politics.  


November 6, 2018 is a D Day in politics. This is a fight between Republicans and democrats over control of the Senate and the House. Democrats and their friends in the media are out trashing the president 24/7. 

Some of that trashing might affect Trump numbers in the Polls.


 If you put anyone through the savage attacks on NBC, MSNBC, CNN and many others on Cable or print, he or she

  will suffer in the polls. It was done to George W. Bush. Bush never went out fighting back. Trump did. We learned a thing or two from 2016.  I still believe of a possibility of republicans retaining their control over the House and the Senate. This is only if voters went out to vote and having the state of the economy in mind and not the hate, they hear on news networks. 


Keeping 2016 in mind, in my opinion, there is a strong possibility for a 2016 surprise in the House and the Senate. I will not be surprised if the republicans make a gain of 60 seats in the Senate.

In the State of Georgia, the democrats are aiming for the Governorship. The democrats retain a very well manned and financed. Most are out-of-towners. I met many of them, in bars, restaurants, hotels and knocking on doors. Georgia does not have the expert manpower or the cash in the tens of millions. 


Stacey Abrahams is the democratic candidate for Governor. Brian Kemp is the republican candidate. I know both and about both for years. Abrahams has served in the state house and know ground operations. I saw her in action around Brookhaven and I know she is good.   She belongs to DNC.

  Brian kemp is a strategist. He was able to organize and provide leadership to the south eastern states and motivate republicans. He is Young and energetic, and I watched him reaching out to voters across the state. Yes, there are visits by the Obamas and the Trumps  


The key to this race is the turn out. Recalling the 60,000,000 congressional races last year, one must recognize the numbers. Democrats can go as high as 47% of the votes. 

Last year locals played a critical part in bringing out the votes.  It was local women – I know most of them – who drove their SUV’s and knocked on many doors including mine in Dunwoody. I was amazed meeting that young lady flashing half a million dollars or rocks around her finger and driving her large black SUV after inviting me to vote for Karen Handel. That was grassroots work by the locals. I detect the same as we get closer to November 6. 


For Other local elections related to my home in Dunwoody, I would like to see the re-election of my state Senator. I would like to see the Former mayor of Dunwoody elected to the State House. 

Someone said if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. I agree





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