posted : Oct 15, 2018

Why Americans Are Voting Republican vs Democratic Party?


 By Susan Price, a Staff Writer 

 for Georgia Weekly Post.



  Americans come in every color, social, economic and belief system.

Our Christian-Judeo nation was created by our founding fathers, and our sovereign rights defended throughout the ages by the brave souls who've sacrificed their legacies through safeguarding the rights of our U.S. Constitution. 




It is under these laws and liberties that allow Americans to elect our countries leaders to work within various offices of government, and let us not forget, the people are the government. 




These candidates of the Republican & Democratic party are sworn in under oath to serve  "We The People", under the Constitution of the United States of America, which is our rule of law. The past few decades have not only politically divided yet redefined the meaning of the Republican and Democratic party's.




Republicans affiliate themselves with small government, the middle to upper middle class, entrepreneurs and the small businesses are the back bone of America who grow our economy, while Democratic voters lean towards the socialist group of having their lifestyle bought and paid for by big government including housing, food, healthcare and others, off the backs of hard working Americans enslaved to pay it forward to those who don't want to work along with millions of illegals who pour through our borders.




 Republican are conservatives who respect the laws of our Constitution and 27 Amendments, while the Democrats try to subvert and rewrite our history, distorting our code of honor. 




Voting Republican means valuing family and traditions, protecting the life of the unborn child is an important part of the human and moral fiber of being an American. Protecting our children of every age and safe guarding them against the indoctrination processes taking place in our schools, and abolishing common core. 





Republicans vote against crime and gang related violence, astringent borders against the illegal drug and human trafficking cartels or any harmful contraband entering and leaving our country, while Democrats remain detached and insensitive, naively placing Americans in jeopardy through careless actions. America is a melting pot, a country rich with legal immigrants, not illegal aliens who are smuggled in by rogue state representatives, aiding and abetting a hidden agenda.





The jig is up, there's a new Sheriff in town and his name is Donald J.Trump, President of the United States of America, and fearless leader of the Republican party. Voted in by the silent majority, grown through a heightened set of vocal cords as people from every walk of life realigned their political lines from the Democratic to the Republican party.




Republicans have never forgotten, America is the home of the free because of the brave. Our freedoms were paid forward by the vestiges of those indomitable spirits who make up the 1% who sacrificed on battlefields with no voice in exchange for the 99% who are privileged to living the American dream. Another reason why Republicans believe in the power of our military and the 2nd Amendments right to bear arms.




Republican Americans warrior up to fight each election cycle in the name of "we the people," arming ourselves against the challenging indiscretions of the globalist as they attack our conservative ways of thinking and being.  





Americans remain watchful and have noted, it is the Democrats progressive way of sabotaging the American people in the name of apathy, that harbors the deeds of tyranny from within.




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