posted : Oct 11, 2018

The Democrats on the Senate Judicial Committee could learn a valuable lesson from Kavanaugh’s 10 year old daughter!

 By: Charlie Wingo


  Judge - now Justice -  Brett Kavanaugh’s 10 year old daughter showed more kindness and human decency than all the other participants in his confirmation process have shown when she suggested that her family pray for Dr. Ford last Thursday night. 

The Democrats on the Senate Judicial Committee could learn a valuable lesson from her example.  

I have actively participated in local politics since 1960, the first year in which I was eligible to vote.  In all the years since then, I have never witnessed such an embarrassing and banal confirmation process.   That the Judicial Committee of the Senate could subject a nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States to this is unbelievable.


Dr. Ford’s allegation has no forensic evidence to support it.  

A sexual assault of some kind may have happened to her 35 or 36 years ago.  There is no corroborating evidence that Judge Kavanaugh committed it.  The people that Dr. Ford claims were in attendance at the event, have, in varying degrees, denied that the event ever took place.  The only forensic evidence that is available is Judge Kavanaugh’s calendar from that period, and it supports his claim that he was not there. 


As an active participant in the political process, I am appalled and embarrassed by the conduct of the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee.  Dr. Ford’s allegation should have been investigated in private, and it could have been.  

Senator Feinstein received the letter containing the allegation in July and held it until someone on the Democratic side disclosed it to the press, after the normal confirmation hearings were finished. 



In my opinion, Senator Feinstein is responsible for this situation, and she should be held accountable.  She had custody of the letter.  In the seafaring world, when there is a collision at sea, the captain of the ship is responsible, even if he was not controlling the course and speed of the ship, at the time of the collision.  After which, the captain is relieved of command of that ship.  By the same token, Senator Feinstein should be removed from the Judicial Committee. 


By all reliable accounts, Judge Kavanaugh is a kind, decent, and honorable man.  He also an experienced, intelligent, accomplished federal judge, who is more than qualified to be an associate justice of the Supreme Court.


Republicans voted to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.  The existence of the republic our founders gave is at serious risk.   We cannot allow the mob rule that has influenced the behavior of the Democrats on the Judicial Committee to replace the rule of law in this country.


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