posted : Sep 13, 2018

Political Storms and Hurricanes of Puerto Rico !

 By Tony Delmichi for Georgia Weekly Post.


PUERTO RICO  .. For many decades, Puerto Rico is known for a corrupt Government and  selfish Unions, living off handouts or high local fees.

Congress refused to grant a statehood’s treatment.

Most northeastern states such as New york have opposed it.

It is all about money and a small fund.

 Unemployment is very high. Most youngsters - Leaving most edlders behind -  are moved up north to the main land for better jobs and bigger pay. Tourism is a key sector of the local economy. Unions are an issue for many years.

Most elected officials, such as the Mayor of San Juan  are democrats who relocated from he north east and settled on the island over many years. The mayor of san Juan Comes from Boston. 

Most of the Island revenues are spent on municipal and government payroll. Very little is left for infrastructure or public projects.

Utilities, over the years were neglected and overloaded and failed to provide for the island’s needs. Electricity and communications were disrupted regularly and it did not take much to be totaled   by hurricane winds last year.

This reporter is very familiar with the Island for many years. He invested  on the island for many years. 

With government in debts, not ready for hurricanes,  unable to pay teachers’ salary, the local government went after the Federal government for help to rebuild its infrastructures including electric generating plants and cell and electric networks. The roads and the airports were totaled.  Metal shacks were scattered all over the landscape of misery.


Puerto Rico is a distance Island from the main land and it has no  ground excess to the US road network as it is for Texas, Florida, Georgia and other states.

a year ago, based on first hands reports by Georgia Weekly Post, there was no locals available to receive shipments at the airports of basic necessities. It is reported that   unions refused to allow out of island workers to work absence of membership and dues. That was a shake down! Bottled water was sitting at the airport and there were no one to drive truck and move it to the needy. 

A year agoy, the President, the First lady and the Vice president visited the island and inspected conditions and progress. They were informed of how little the death numbers were. It was on TV for all to watch including FOX and CNN and this reporter. 

Utilities were to top the to do list. Years of neglect and corruption caused the total collapse of an important public lifeline. 

Congress, in response to the presidential requests acted by providing funds to the states effected by hurricanes including Texas, Louisiana, Florida, St. Thomas and Puerto Rico.

Politics and blame games became dominant since the first drop of rain felt over Puerto Rico. The mayor of san Juan kept on trashing the Trump Administration and was helped by CNN and MSNBC who hated the President, since election night. She had teh time to entertain and join her fellow democrats during political trashing events. 


It is known, the President was presented  by a small casualty number during his first visit to Puerto Rico.

Such data was presented to him by the locals in the field. Repairs are still work in progress until today.

Overtime, the data has changed to reflect numbers in the thousands.  That was a result of further studies by academia. Meanwhile, work is being done to rebuild the electric power systems and networks on the island including communications, airports, roads and housing. Puerto Rico does not pay federal income Taxes to the US treasury. Again stated, with limited funds, other states in the union were opposed any aids to the island such as New York and New jersey .. They pay taxes and wantedand needed the funds. 


President Trump was correct to say that Puerto Rico is a success story. They are receiving a brand-new electric system, power plants, cash payments and other goodies in many billions of dollars. 

The Lt. Governor of Puerto Rico is presently visiting Washington DC and the White House for the purpose of asking for more. 

Watching  reporters walking the streets on cable news networks, it seems that Florence was not a big storm after all. 

Hurricane Florence did not reach the island on the way to the Carolinas, Georgia and parts of Virginia. Politics and media Trashing are overwhelming the media priorities of helping the public get through the first major Hurricane of a another stormy season and not Stormy Denials. . 


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